Company EKEM S.A. is located in Patras, Greece and is engaged in designing and manufacturing Olive Oil Machines.

After more than 40 years of successful course, EKEM S.A. is considered as one of the most dynamic Greek companies in the field of olive oil machinery manufacturing and trading. EKEM has developed a very high level of specialization, know-how and inner organization through all of these years.

Nikos Karoumpalos and his team have led EKEM to a modern orientation with impressive investments in both infrastructures and equipment. Thus, today EKEM operates in self-owned facilities, in the Mintilogli community in Patras municipality, which includes office, production, and storage facilities and occupies an area of 3.000 sq.m. in an area of 15.000 sq.m. The facilities are designed to meet not only the present but also its future needs. A future that EKEM faces with optimism already has impressive growth rates to its credit.

EKEM has a full range of products that meet the needs of the olive oil machines market providing – in cooperation with companies HILLER GMBH and FRAUTECH S.R.L. – complete solutions to olive oil mill owners. Opening to new markets is also in its immediate plans. Its powerful advantages include the technical coverage of its products with guaranteed service.