Hiller GmbH has been present in Greece for over five decades and has built up an outstanding reputation in the industry. The company has been supplying high-quality machines and technologies to Greece since 1970, laying the foundations for a long and successful market presence.

A major milestone in the history of Hiller in Greece is the co-operation with EKEM SA, which began in 2003. This partnership, which has now lasted over 20 years, has contributed significantly to strengthening Hiller’s market position. EKEM SA brings extensive experience and expertise in the Greek olive oil market, which, together with the high quality and reliability of Hiller machines, is an unbeatable combination.

The synergy between Hiller and EKEM SA has resulted in Hiller becoming one of the leading companies in the olive oil industry in Greece. Furthermore, the co-operation between Hiller and EKEM extends beyond the Greek borders and includes successful projects in Cyprus, Albania and the USA.

The current order situation is proof of the continued trust in Hiller: 22 machines have already been sold this year. These consistently high sales figures over the last few decades reflect the strong market position and the confidence of customers in the high quality and reliability of Hiller machines.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the many years of co-operation with EKEM SA, which is a key factor in this success.